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Wrought Iron in Fountain Valley

Advanced Iron Concepts has been operating for more than fifteen years. Our company opened as a family owned business in 1998 and incorporated in 2009. Advanced Iron Concepts services Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and surrounding neighborhoods. Our clientele consists of both residential and commercial businesses. Our designs include ornamental entrance doors, side gates, balcony rails, driveway gates, fences, window guards and decorative furniture. We take pride in providing our clientele the highest quality of skill on the market. Clients have the ability to see our building and watch the construction of their product from concept to completion. We have AutoCAD drawings for your examination up until you are satisfied. No surprises! Our experienced fabricators and designers can generate unique metalwork. It doesn’t matter if you need aesthetics, solitude or safety, We have the experience to furnish you with a worry-free strategy. We provide our clientele with installation, fabrication and repair work exceed your needs. Customer service is our #1 goal! Our best investment in advertising is customer approval!

We have complete and valuable amenities for all facets of driveway gate creation and installation. Along with your decorative wrought iron gate, we can build fencing, gate mechanization and access regulators to safeguard that your land is not only eye-catching, but well secured.

We draw up, fabricate and install your whole automatic patterned wrought iron gate system. Our design experts will study the area, determine the length of all openings and build a wrought iron gate to improve your land and present some amount of protection. All gates are fabricated at our Fullerton warehouse and then they are powder coated to ensure a strong, enduring surface.

We have many years of real life experience drawing up, constructing and fitting patterned wrought iron gates stretching from single entry, garden-style gates to beautiful custom built, double entry driveway gates with automatic openers. When thinking about wrought iron gates, if you can dream it, we can build it. Phone us now for a free estimate.

Wrought Iron Fences

Advanced Iron Concepts specializes in offering wrought iron fences for many different sizes of yards and all kinds of projects. We offer wrought iron fences in all of the conventional styles, as well as one-of-a-kind kinds. The quality of design, supplies and expertise all make our wrought iron fences different from the our competitors. We offer both home and commercial property owners a wrought iron fence that is precisely created to improve both the landscape and the design of the land. Our wrought iron fences are fabricated to fit any form, contour, grade or terrain. Our design experts will work directly with you to make certain that you get a wrought iron fence that is in harmony with the existing design features. We use only the utmost quality metals and our workmanship is second to none.

All custom built wrought iron fences comply with all area building codes and are typically built of either steel, or stainless steel. Our qualified designers are experts when it comes to making wonderful unique, finest quality wrought iron fences.

Advanced Iron Concepts and their team of designers continue to provide a peak level of workmanship for all size projects. We have wrought iron fences for residential landscaping, rental properties, commercial properties, motels, hotels, or any area where maintaining an area’s safety is required.

Wrought Iron Railings

Advanced Iron Concepts provides a wide selection of custom planned and formed railings for all residential and industrial property treatments. Our design pros can conceive of a railing that can complement any building technique and add a fresh sophistication to any decoration. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wanting a very complicated design or just need something straightforward, if you can come up with it, we can design it for you.

Picture how your present open-air patio or deck, stairway, or balcony would be with a handsomely worked, wrought iron railing. Because we get only the highest quality materials and our skill level is the best around, your modern wrought iron railing will last a good long time adding magnificence, luxuriousness and benefit to your home or land.

Each of our wrought iron railings are put together locally in our Fullerton warehouse by experienced employees and trained builders who make use of only the latest technology and the finest raw materials. Railings are manufactured in pieces and then welded together onsite to establish the most powerful connection possible. Every one of our wrought iron railings are custom built with solid steel or stainless steel allowing us to integrate any decoration or design you can come up with. Keep in mind, if you can visualize it, we can build it.

Ornamental Wrought Iron

If you can visualize it, we can build it! We also plan and manufacture security window wrought iron gates, spiral staircases, folding security gates, trash enclosures, roof ladders, arbors, wall decorations and flower boxes. To inspect models of our designs, check out our gallery page. You’ll see that we can build any wrought iron elecment to spruce up your home or land.


It is the mission of Advanced Iron Concepts to provide customers with the finest wrought iron products to meet their unique style. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most up-to-date materials unparalleled in strength and quality.

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